We offer short courses and qualifications in the field of user experience and interaction design. These include:

PhD programmes:

Our expertise and qualifications enable us to support PhD students in any topic related to those of our centre (See About Page). These include in user experience and culture, sociotechnical design, Participatory Design, Mobile HCI, ICT4D, among many others.

MSc Computing Interaction Design:

The course provides a critical understanding of how interactive systems are designed and constructed together with a detailed and systematic approach to understanding user-centred interaction design as a methodology and as a creative process. It also equips students with skills that will enable them to design creatively different types of interactive systems.

UX Academy (Short Courses):

SCIUX offers a vibrant and  innovative short courses programme for practitioners and graduates with an interest in any aspect of user experience.  SCIUX courses are delivered by a recognised team of practitioners and researchers in various aspects of user experience professional practice.  For those who wish to obtain a formal qualification, attendance to these courses will count towards the ‘Postgraduate Certificate in User Experience Professional Practice’ (subject to validation)

Next courses to be offered:

Fundamentals of User Research            26 -27 November

This short course presents user research fundamental tools and techniques.
Through case studies participants will  understand how to actually use these in
their professional practice. The course will cover all phases from the
definition of the target user groups to the usability and user experience
evaluations in an iterative development cycle. The main methods and techniques
for studying the target users, their habits and needs will be illustrated and
the participants will have the chance to practice them during the course working
in small teams and presenting their work at the end of the two days. The course
welcomes practitioners from different background who are new to user

Tutor: Dr Barbara Barricelli
Barbara is a researcher in Human-Computer Interaction currently based at SCIUX as a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellow. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Università degli Studi di Milano and is specialized in design and development of internationalized
interactive systems, localized to users’ culture, gender, role played in
specific contexts/domains and to the digital devices used.  Barbara has
published her work in several international venues, magazines and journals. Her
views on user research are grounded in every day design practice and the
constant changes in the needs of the market and user

Introduction to Service Design                              03-04 December

An interdisciplinary field of service design has begun to take shape over
the past decade. This field helps deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective
and desirable service to customers from a holistic perspective. Service
designers design the customer journey to improve the interactive experience
between the products and their customers.  Through service design organisations
are able to communicate what their service is all about by providing a quality
service experience across different channels and touch points. This short course
offers a practical introduction to service design and its commonly used tools
and methods.

Tutor: Christina Li
Christina is the founder of Infinite Interactive. An UX and Service design professional, her experience covers a range of screen and non-screen based products and services, e.g mobile, web, TV, as well as in-store and call centre experience design. Christina has worked for Lenovo, BBC, Thomson Reuters, Orange, and O2, etc. before she set up Infinite
Interactive. Originally from China, Christina has an international perspective
on the way that people use products and devices. In particular, she has been
devoted to linking the Chinese and western design

All courses include refreshments, lunch  and course materials.  An Attendance Certificate will be given on completion of  each course.

Other upcoming courses:
Introduction to Information  Architecture        26 February 2014
User Experience and  Internationalisation        07-09 March 2014

If you have an interest in these later courses please send us an email to register an interest.